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Harambee Becoming Independent Parachurch Organization

We want to share about an important change to the relationship between Dwell Community Church and Harambee. Over the next year, Harambee will become an independent parachurch ministry with a new governing board of directors.


Since the inception of Urban Concern in the early 1990s, the elders of Dwell have provided oversight of the ministry. Several things have changed over time. The strategic vision of Urban Concern has become Harambee Christian School, whose mission is to help inner-city youth overcome challenges and thrive in the body of Christ. Toward this end, we have labored for years to help Harambee students and alumni to find Christian community in Dwell.

A Diverse Body

This past year, the leadership of Harambee conducted an alumni survey where we learned that the overwhelming majority of alumni, who are now adults ages 18-30, stated they love Jesus. Many are walking with God in other congregations in Columbus and around the world. Some have advanced degrees, some are pursuing college or careers, some are school teachers, youth workers, and even youth pastors. Your support of Harambee has not only helped students break the cycle of poverty, it created the foundation of a lifelong walk with Jesus being carried with them into adulthood.

To continue improving outcomes for students long-term, we feel led to partner with a broader base of churches and explore multiple ways to reach alumni, as well as parents, who aren’t connected to a church.

Multiple Pathways

What’s not changing: Harambee students will continue to have the opportunity to join Dwell student groups at every age level, as well as have priority enrollment at Akili Christian High School, a ministry of the church.

What is changing: Your support of Harambee will now also help open up new pathways for students and families to engage with the broader Christian community in and outside Columbus. We seek to partner with a diverse range of churches and organizations to expand access to life-changing education for students in need while also providing multiple pathways for students, families, and alumni to join healthy Christian communities and cultivate a lifelong walk with Jesus.

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