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New Annual Report Out Now

Pandemic restrictions hit students hard as schools around the globe reestablished in-person learning after a year of isolation. How did Harambee continue to make an impact in the middle of a pandemic, with the additional challenge of getting 40% of its staff roster up and running for their first year?

God is up to the challenge and is moving to help our school rebuild a loving and gifted staff and reestablish a healthy school culture where at-risk students can thrive.

Our 2021 Annual Report covers our school’s accomplishments upon the return to fully in-person learning and lays out the new ground we hope to take in the coming year.

See how your financial partnership is being knit together with the generosity of others to fulfill the Harambee Declaration and “ accomplish great things that will make a difference forever.”

Read the report!

Download PDF • 2.82MB

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