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Harambee Students Reach New Milestone

Harambee Students Reach New Milestone

In September, the Ohio Department of Education released scorecard data for schools and districts.

Last year, Harambee students surpassed the Performance Index for the Worthington School District for the first time!

Please join us in congratulating our hardworking students and staff on this remarkable achievement.

Involvement in Youth Ministry

29% of K-5 students attended Renegade at Harambee on Sundays consistently (meaning they attended at least twice per month), and 49% of enrolled students attended at least once. 46% of middle school students attended their Sunday small groups consistently, and 71% of students attended at least once.

Throughout the Fall, 21 Harambee alumni were involved in high school Bible studies consistently, with 29 total attending at least once.

12 of these high school alumni participated in ongoing discipleship with a mentor. Six college aged alumni were consistent in their college home churches.

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