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Hitting the COVID Curveball

COVID-19 was the curveball no one saw coming. Our latest Annual Report recaps how Harambee navigated a challenging year-end and is working with parents and partners to help students thrive in a new normal. Read about our path forward in the new 2020 Annual Report.

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Other Highlights

Statement on Racial Justice

  • COVID wasn’t the only obstacle facing our nation and our students & families this past year. In June, the staff of Urban Concern & Harambee Christian School released a statement on racial justice. Read the full statement in our Annual Report.

Harambee Student Performance

  • See how Harambee performed compared to other school districts, as well as other EdChoice schools in Ohio. (We’ll give you a hint - it’s exciting news!)

Leadership Development Efforts

  • Our second year running the Youth Ministry Internship led to an expanded mentoring program, reinvigorated sports program, and leadership and equipping classes for other young leaders.

An Outpouring of Support

  • An outpouring of generosity was shown to Harambee’s students in the wake of COVID. Learn how much money came in and how it was used to further God’s work.

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