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Streamlining Our School, Three New Departments

With a host of new staff added over the past two years and key new positions being added to the school, we’ve taken this season of transition as an opportunity reorganize our internal structure to maximize collaboration and impact for Harambee students and families by organizing within three new departments.

Holistic Engagement Director, Brandon Grant, notes, “We will have a unified, concentrated effort to create programs that will promote the spiritual health of the students and the unity our of school community in ways we haven't seen before.”

Establishing Our Culture

Emerging from an unorthodox year of virtual and hybrid learning, while simultaneously recruiting and training a substantial base of new staff members has brought with it many challenges. That is why we are taking aim to intentionally reestablish a healthy school culture for students and staff alike. The new Holistic Engagement Department will play an essential role in helping to build this culture.

In Alex’s words, “Our mission at Harambee is to nurture youth to thrive, and one of our staff core values is holistic investment. In order for each child to thrive, they need to be healthy spiritually, emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually. This new team is particularly exciting to me because of the quality of the staff and the expertise each one brings to this important goal.”

Though we are still living in the taxing conditions brought forth by the pandemic, our leadership is incredibly hopeful and optimistic that God will continue to steer Harambee into new seasons of fruitfulness as we collaborate with the local church to help reach and raise up a new generation of leaders for our city.

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