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Where Are They Now? Alumni Update!

Our team at Harambee has recently set out to reconnect with alumni to hear their reflections on their time at the school and to see if there is any way we can support them in this new season of life.

We are just getting started, but out of the 27 who have completed our alumni survey: - 100% are employed, in school, or both - 26 identify as a Christian - 20 attend a church - 12 a few times per week - 4 a few times per month - 6 a few times per year

Even more exciting - 10 said they are interested in participating in a Bible study with other alumni, while 16 said they might be interested.

We have begun compiling some of their responses into profiles for the purpose of sharing. To read past and future profiles, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You can read Kennadi’s (soon-to-be Dr. Mccoy) below - we think you’ll be encouraged.

Please join us in praying for us to connect with many more alumni and for God to draw those who are interested into a healthy Christian community!

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